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Saturday 13 September 2014

Black and white does not mean grey

This look is muted and, although two-dimensional, a fairly accurate photographic representation of what I looked like today. There's no colour because there is no colour except for my squishy flesh, which, you can imagine, is pinkish. For what it's worth, I'm wearing my thrifted low-rise stretch tuxedo pants with two silky stripes down the outside seam, a thrifted graphic turtleneck, and my pointy-toed, sharp-heeled shoes, which are stretchy, like slippers, oh so comfortable. And my magic loupe from O, of course.

My eye is almost back to normal and I'm wearing contact lenses again, although I'll still wear glasses occasionally because: a) I like them, especially the ones with the nerdy snap-on magnetic sunglasses, and; b) I like peeking over the rim and seeing a fuzzy world when I'm in a noisy environment.

I suspect that the decibel level of the Earth has risen significantly in the past decade or so. Where once people walked silently down a sidewalk, now they talk or shout into an electronic device as they go. Ten people strolling past today carries the decibel weight of 20 people. It's maddening, I tell you!
I took my head from that sketch. I made it last winter when I was wearing my pastel nicotine faux-fur coat.

This is my weekend Hello! 


  1. I'm so glad that your eye is better though it was pretty impressive looking. And your spare head is nice, too. This is a very lovely and Audrey Hepburn-ish. And yeah. It is noisy out there.

  2. Hello to you too! Sleek and stylish in black and white, Melanie, although the understated look is unusual for you. But hey, it's good to change it up, and keep us guessing, no?
    I'm glad your eye is healing well. I rather like the idea of spare heads, as Connie puts it, so you can choose alternatives to suit each outfit.
    I was at a supermarket yesterday, and the man being served in front of me spent the entire time talking loudly on his phone, while the woman at the till rang up his items, took his money, and gave him change. He didn't speak to her or even look at her throughout the transaction, just carried on shouting into his phone. So rude. Xxx

  3. I hope you are feeling this outfit, although black and white, more than the last. You certainly look different, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. New haircut?
    Maybe I can't quite see you due to the white noise in the environment! Oh no! You're all fuzzy round the edges. Are you feeling frayed? Or ravelled?xo JJ

  4. Thanks for this, it captures my feelings precisely: "I like peeking over the rim and seeing a fuzzy world when I'm in a noisy environment." Great black and white look, I adore tuxedo pants but don't have any yet. Go, eye! Get all better! xox

  5. I agree about having the fuzzy option with eyesight. I like to do that when there are bright, colorful lights - prisms, Christmas lights, stained glass. It must be a drag to have perfect eyesight. Your understated outfit looks lovely and sleek and hip either blurry or sharp!

    Miss Earworm Contrapuntal, I am still hearing your song in my head! Sometimes it morphs into Riders on the Storm, and then I can imagine you and Jim Morrison singing a duet -WOW!!!! Takes me back to the good old days when we didn't have all the extra electronic stimulation and noise and rudeness. I think I'll start a Grumpy Old Woman club.

  6. Hah I love that too, I also like to sometimes not wear my glasses it makes everything much more interesting and unexpected. Glad your eyes are ship shape again though. Love this look, understated can sometimes make a nice change X

  7. Hello to you too! Glad your eye is getting better. I hear ya on the noise ( get it? hear ya? ) I have a very high noise tolerance for children playing, though normal play and not screaming, which either developed when I was a teacher or allowed me to be a teacher. Otherwise I am often apparently more sensitive to noise than average. I used to avoid the staff room because I couldn't stand the noise of all the staff talking at once.

    I love black and white and gray, all are good! You look very sleek in your tuxedo pants but then you look sleek in everything. I love my glasses too and as for peering over them into blurry land, well I don't think I do that on purpose I just tend to do it. Even now that I have varifocals I forget and do it.

  8. Hello! So glad your eye is getting better, darling. I agree on the noise - quelle horreur!

  9. hose stretchy comfy black heels sound pretty sweet!

  10. I did not know you had problems with your eye. Good to hear it's healing now! My eyes have been playing up lately too with a red rash on one side. I think I'm allergic to the cats fur! ;-(
    I visited London the other day and I noticed that people seem to be plugged into their phones like they are robots. I hate it too, when people shout on their phones in public places, like on the tube. I'm not interested in their conversations, I tell you! :-D
    I love your cartoon sketch, it's great.... You should create a book with your drawings and thoughts. I would buy a copy if you did!

  11. Hi Mélanie!
    We are back from France! We had a wonderful time and lots of food! I hate like there was no tomorrow, 5 pounds worth actually! Will get cracking to loose that 5 pounds, but it was worth it i kid you not! Back in Montreal with a permanent nose drip, so cold here, hopefully it will get warmer and my nose will dry up a bit!
    How are you doing my friend? drop an e-mail when you can!



  12. Maybe lacking in colour but not in texture - stretchy shoes and trousers, silky panels and pointy toes, you paint a very comfy picture.
    Glad your eye is healing. I'm a noisy person, you can hear my jewellery clanking a mile off but wailing kids and the tinny rattle of music played through a mobile drives me daft. x

  13. Nope, black and white is definitely not grey. Doesn't matter what you wear though, the colour of your character is always painted brightly. Glad that the black-and-blueness (or was it yellow/green-ness?) of bruising is receding.

  14. Muted looks good on you and muted is what the world looks like to me without my glasses. I agree that sometime that's the preferred view.

    Tuxedo pants with pointy-toed shoes are a delicious combo. And happy to hear that your eye is making a recovery!

  15. Of course we're looking at you! You're stunning!

  16. You will never be "Grey" my friend! There is something very satisfying about wearing graphic black and white.

    I am so with you on the noise - Sometimes I feel like the Grinch in the scene where he is looking down on Whoville and talking about all the "Noise, NOISE, NOISE!!!" on Christmas morning, only with me, the noise is all around me every day.


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