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Tuesday 16 September 2014

A fauvist pas is no mistake

I'm so relieved I got the memo: only wacky-ass colour allowed after Labour Day. Finally, a fashion rule I can live with - the fauvist pas is the height of seasonal norm-corny. 
I'm glad my camera has stop motion, otherwise I would remain a big blur. Are you arrested by my glow-in-the-dark, freeze-you-in-your-tracks gaze? And no look is complete without a custom teacup carrier, which I made a couple of years ago.

oversized cotton palazzo pants
vintage jersey top with pearl-ish buttons
magic loupe
thrifted D&G shoes
vintage sunglasses
teacup carrier I made from a matryoshka

This morning I specially put on these palazzo pants, which are often mistaken for a skirt, for the Share-in-Style: Skirt or Pants linkup hosted by Sacramento at Mis Papelicos and co-hosted by Susan of Une femme d'un certain ├ógeI'm wearing them backwards, but, really, there's so much fabric and they're already hip-slung large with a slouchy crotch at mid-thigh, who's to know? I liked the pattern of the back-facing waistband better at the front.

And a big THANK YOU! to the Invisible Woman for featuring me in one of her posts alongside some other very cool people. You can see it here

Have any of you seen the Dress Normal ads for Gap? I'm retching. Jean of Dross into Gold first alerted me to them and probably there are conversations about it raging everywhere and I'm the last to know... Thank goodness everyone has their own definition of normal: this post reflects mine. And thank goodness I have the freedom to express my normal every single day, whether in a fauvist pas piece or a seven-piece navy suit. That's all I have to say about that. (not reeeally)


  1. I did a search on the Gap's campaign and it seems to have been a bit of an all round failure. Not that I wish failure on anyone, but there's so much greige and well, boring! And seriously Angelica, what the hell were you thinking? Gah! Thank the goddesses for backward pants and DIY Russian doll baggage with leopard-print shoes. xoxoxo

  2. YAASSSSS!!! That's yes in normcore speak. XXOO

  3. That Gap campaign is absolutely horrid and what makes me laugh is that the Lucky Brand is running something that has models dressed in jeans and tee shirts but the by line is 'be your unique self'. I hold a belief that people are not quite so stupid as to be manipulated by the wording of adds but that the images are still sneaky bastards sending evil messages of YOU ARE INADEQUATE AS YOU ARE.

    Of course you certainly aren't. You are fabulous. Love that skirt-pants backwards things. And fauvism, well I worship it. I know, you wouldn't know that from the way I dress but I'm like Clark Kent/ Superman-I'm a fauvist disguised as a mild mannered woman in Comox.

  4. I dinna ken what you are talking about! Isn't normal wearing just what you want to wear? Gah! I despair of this world sometimes. You are our vanguard Miss Melanie! Go out and talk the talk and walk the walk. We are walking, in our individually gorgeous ways beside you!xo JJ

  5. You are SO COOL! I get seriously strong urges to ditch my usual persona and go wildly colourful and fabulous every time I look at your blog. I love your style. Love. It.

  6. Love your fauvist tendencies. Those are some fecking awesome prints!

  7. Normal schnormal. What the heck? You are looking quite perfect with your teacup carrier and backwards palazzos. My son is in a punk rock band and he dresses "normally" ironically. So there you go!

  8. My dear friend you cannot be more inspiring and fabuloussssssssssss
    Thank you sooooooooooo much for being part of the Share-in-Style family.

  9. Girl, you are giving me so much energy with that outfit! Forget normal!

  10. Well, I had to google fauvism, cos I'm not very arty, and I don't know much about normcore and the Gap adverts either, so I'm not much use, am I? But I do appreciate a full-on blast of colour and print, I love those palazzos (I never would have guessed you are wearing them backwards - don't think that would work for me, too much bum) and mixing up a shedload of prints is always a joyous thing.
    Normal. Isn't it time we ditched that concept anyway, since it's so movable as to be meaningless? I think so! xxx

  11. I saw those Gap ads and threw up in my mouth a bit. Have we all become robots? Is it 2099? Do we all have to wear the same greige crap?

    Where would the rainbows go?

    Those slouch crotch pants disguising themselves as a skirt are so wonderful. All the patterns are like looking through a colour kaleidoscope.


  12. How could these trousers be any better? You are brilliant, the Norm-Cool queen.

  13. Stunning colors!! I thought GAP was always about dressing 'normal', right? That's their whole deal. Normal basic prep style.

  14. I meant to email you about the Gap ad when I saw it, as I knew you would appreciate it - I guess in their world, "Normal" means "boring as fuck". I love the swishy rainbow-ness of those pants.

  15. I can't even entertain the idea of looking a GAP, letting alone looking into their latest campaign. Sounds heinous. This seriously fabularse vision of fauvist pas is rocking and totally gagworthy, however! As in, gagging with delight!

  16. I love that everyone has their owne idea of normal dressing! I too enjoy color so much! These palazzo pants are so cool and I love your idea of wearing them backwards!


  17. It's the first time I heard about the Gap campaign too, then I had to have a look 'people will understand it's about dressing the way you want to' according to Seth Farbman top person at Gap, hmmmmm, it's not very inspiring at all, and quite dull anyhoo!!!! I'm so glad you provided all the colour and flaming joy of living with your perfect ensemble, global sartorial balance is restored! thank you x x x

  18. ooo, I do luv how you've gone from B&W (is not grey) to all Technicolor (mixed together does not make mud). Finally, the truth about color theory in application. At least as I try to teach it to my painting class. You've gone and done it in two blog posts as easy as pie, it seems. While making fashion inroads no less. Mind if I send my students over for a gander? They're always wearing t-shirts and jeans...


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