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Sunday 28 September 2014

Silks and sci fi

One of my neighbours was in that movie, Chupacabra vs. The Alamo. A chupacabra is a demonic-looking beast that preys on outdoor animals. The creature sucks all the blood from its victims through surgical-like puncture wounds. Some say the chupacabra is a contemporary legend; others, especially operators of souvenir shops, swear they are real. Whatever the case, they are excellent fodder for a B movie. You can read about chupacabras here

:::: hip-slung silk blouse as skirt, silky golden top, pastel yellow tights, ostrich ankle boots, similar to here ::::
::: the "chupacabra sheriff look" is edited from a photo posted here ::::

I sometimes enjoy a B sci-fi/monster movie, especially if it's raining outside, I have a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and a mountain of pillows and junk food, but I miss the days before computer graphics. No realistic gore/slime fest created in a CG lab compares to my imagination when it comes to freaking myself out, which is why I also prefer books to their film version. Below is one of my favourite sci-fi clips, the running scene starting at 20sec, from Ultra Q, a Japanese offshoot series of Ultraman.
I'll be linking this up to Sacramento's Share-in-Style: Autumn on her blog Mis Papelicos. This outfit counts because it is in a favourite autumnal colour of decay, gold, and it also has blue, the colour of mould on cheese, a decrepit colour snap. Curtise's post featuring outfits in the colours of mould, decay, detritus, and fungus was truly inspiring at The Secondhand Years. I bet you've seen it already; look here if you haven't.

B movies: yay or nay? Seen any notable ones lately, something worthy of a slacker afternoon?
Above is what I wore today, Sunday. The tunic/dress says "Happy" on it. Having a clothing manufacturer factory-stamp "Happy" onto its fabric makes me feel as joyful as having a bank machine tell me to smile. I shall change this writing posthaste to Hoppy or Hippy, anything but Happy. That's just me, even though, thankfully, I don't object to the emotion itself. Everything here is thrifted, except the shoes (ultra discount) and the magic loupe from O. These skinny jeans, made in Dublin, are plaid so I shall link them up to Anne's 52 Pick-me-up: Plaid at Spy Girl.

Patti (Not Dead Yet Style) and Greetje (No Fear of Fashion) have both worn Turnip Head. Hee hee. I like their own heads better, who wouldn't?, but Turnip had a good time.

If you haven't seen Charlie in the Freakish Yellow Skirt, you'd best make tracks to her blog, Fur Earwig. Now that's what I call Happy styling!


  1. I know what you mean about the "Happy" message - it makes me slightly contrary. Love the whole Autumnal look. And I too enjoy good/bad sci-fi movies from the 50's or 60's, when all the best monsters came from RADIATION : o

  2. Hey Melanie! Those skinny plaid pants are amazing. My favorite B movie is "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" I was able to score a VCR copy from someone a few years back - huzzah!

  3. Heh, a Chupacabra was found near where I used to live. I think it turned out to be a dead raccoon with some kind of nasty skin disease.

  4. I generally dislike writing on clothes, especially when it smacks of preachy, like "happy". I'll be happy when I want to be, dammit!

    Ooh, must get my decay going on...and also plaid. And Turnip Head. So many clothes, so little time!

  5. You look like Pee Wee's counterpart doing the dance across the bikers' bar in that movie. I guess it was his big adventure. ooo, are movies rated?

  6. And here I thought Chupacabra was a Mexican restaurant near my house! Now I can justify why I've never been in there. Sounds scary.

  7. Bigfoot, Chupacabra, asorted Swamp Monsters, all real. Yep they are!

  8. Well this a outfit is scary gorgeous. I love your plaid legs. I honestly thought that a chupacabra was a Mexican appetizer. Eww. As for scary movies I say Yes, No special effects. The birds scared the s#%t our of me as a kid and all those Twilight Zone episodes. Eek! That stuff was REAL!!!!!

  9. The Chupacabra vs. the Alamo movie was on television one night and I watched the first 10 minutes, which was about all I could handle. However, I can watch cheesy horror flicks from the 40's and 50's with great relish, and The Exorcist continues to freak me out every time. Hate slasher flicks though.

    I like the silky-ness and bright colours. The plaid pants are expecially fab. I don't like writing on clothes, especially not when it's a word like "happy". I feel like it's a directive from the designer and I hate being told to be happy, dammit!

  10. I started reading about the Chupacabra, then I realised I am eating cheese and I'm going to bed soon! I think it's so cool your neighbour was in a movie though - your beautiful fluid silky outfit looks aqueous, the skirt is like a shimmering ocean and your 'Hoppy/Hippy' outfit (I'm with you on the name change!) is gorgeous x x x

  11. Now I'm singing the Happy song. And next time I run I'm going to do it like that funny Japanese monster. And then I'm gonna do some psychedelic, but mild, drugs so that I'll see wild pictures like that when I look in the mirror. I could never compete with your cool clothes though!

  12. Brilliaaaaaaaaaaant pics!!!
    And the second outfit's max mix is mega inspiring!!!

  13. My life is a b horror flick because I'm so clumsy. Your silky shiney clothes remind me of basket ball players I know but that is what they say to me. The last outfit is crazy good, why I would be lost in your look and then you'd be gone. Was she real? Thanks for the eye candy!

  14. I just can't help but adore your photo work! makes me smile all the time!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  15. Shiny silky blue and gold, gorgeous! That clip is hilarious; Owen is doing sci-fi as a topic at school, and we looked at lots of vintage film posters, including some fab B-movie ones, on Google, he loved them.
    All the prints and colour in the4 second outfit make me happy, entirely independently of any clothing instructing me to feel that way!
    Thanks for the mention, love! xxx

  16. Hoppy - yes! Definitely hoppy.
    I envy the people who live around you; who wander past you on pavements - they get to see the 3D you, just being all amazing, as you walk by, or sit sipping coffee. Those lucky people.
    My grandmother was in a B Movie in the 50s. It's delightfully of its time, complete with an elderly, apparently toothless lion that was supposed to look fearsome, as though it was chasing her.

  17. Wonderful print mixing, just as I like with a lot of ART added, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you so much for being part of Share-in-Style

  18. Shiny shiny! Fabulously cheery on a wet Wednesday afternoon on Walsall. Never B Movies, just Bollywood ones. xxx

  19. LOVE the big shoes! And that's the first time I've seen the yellow skirt. Impressive!

  20. No I don't like B movies. Only watch comedy movies.


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