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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Contrapuntal Woman

Don't mess with the '50s frock.
This dress is lovely but I'm not feeling it. Can you tell by my facial expression? I thought the hot pink tulle underskirt would help, or maybe the striped tights and striped shoes, but nope. I posted it before here and included a little video clip.
I'm linking this look up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, yesh. I tell ya', her little parties are becoming big dealios - valet parking, catering... I saw a write-up in the Hollywood Reporter recently, with a very flattering shot of Patti on her roof, lip-synching a Miley Cyrus tune. :-)

Do I? Don't I? I've been asking myself for weeks whether I should post this little song/weirdness/video called Contrapuntal Woman. It was inspired by Helga and her partner G, a very cool couple that lives in New Zealand, whom I know through Helga's blog, Helga von Trollop.

Why Helga and G? Well, they have a great band (or two?), fantastic style, and more than a year ago Helga did a post about a punting outing she and G went on. I love the word punting; it's one of those funny words (when you have a juvenile sense of humour like I do) that sounds dangerously close to one of those ghastly words, but is perfectly legit, especially when you're in a punt.

The bar footage is from a favourite old-timey bar I sometimes walk past in a mixed-up neighbourhood of designer shops and safe injection sites. I regret that I didn't at least order a highball the morning I went in, even though I seldom drink.

I tried to make puppets that resemble Helga and G, although I made G's hair too short. Filming was difficult with a flashlight, camera, puppets, and a moving background to juggle at the same time. I didn't make this clip necessarily for you to like; I made it because I thought I'd have fun and learn something, and, guess what? I did. That's all. See you next time.

AND - after a couple more stops, the Freakish Yellow Skirt is coming home for a break. More on that later... Have a stellar week, everyone.


  1. Ah you caught me twerking on the roof! Damn paparazzi. I like this dress, esp with the Melanie touches, like the striped tights. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  2. That dress is so good! I love that you paired it with the striped tights and shoes. So fun!

  3. Oh Patti's been twerking again, has she? She's a one. And so are you - how can you not adore that 50s frock? I love it, and would demand you send it to me, if I thought for a nanosecond it would fit me! Now, I am disappointed that the video clip won't play at the moment, so I will have to come back to it tomorrow, but I can't wait to see Helga and G as puppets! Do you have the expression in Canada "to take a punt"? ie. to have a go, take a gamble. Seems appropriate, no? xxxx

    1. I haven't heard that expression but I like it and shall use it regularly.

  4. I had to look up the word punt. I've only heard it used in football before. Now I know it can mean gambling. I learned something too!

    LOVED the video. So much fun!

    What the heck? You've got an amazing voice! Massively talented artistically, beautiful and a wonderful voice to boot. You're a schtar! Truly.

    I don't know why on earth you don't like the frock. I love it. I guess it is just too tame for you. What about a massive cat on your head? Or a huge bird? I think that might help.

    Plus the bird or cat could tweet or meow at everyone that passes you by on the street. Just a suggestion ; )


  5. Contrapuntal Woman has now risen to the near-fame heights of Smelly Cat (think the TV show friends).

    Will the Traveling Yellow Skirt continue its journey?

    And Vis Monday has achieved celebrity status - well yahoo - Katie Bar the Door!

  6. Ermagerd!!! How totally frickin' SEXACIOUS is your voice?! You are so welcome to come and have a guest spot with Flange ANYTIME! I am beyond flattered to be the inspiration for the splendour of Contrapuntal Woman!!! G's gonna love it, will show him later.
    I am ENDLESSLY amused that punt rhymes with cunt. My sense of humour is extremely juvenile. Obviously.
    I love that frock, incidentally. You are rocking it, but hell, if you don;t feel it, you just don;t feel it. Feel me. I'm soft and firm in all the right places! XXX

  7. O, just noticed Suzannes comment. YES. A massive cat or huge bird on your head could make all the difference!

  8. I adore that dress - yes, you need some sort of animal accessory. Maybe a stuffed goose that is actually a purse? My grandad used to have an armadillo (a taxidermied one!) that held its tail in its mouth - I always wanted it as a purse.

  9. I like your dress. It isn't at all punty. Or maybe it is. Anyhooo, I like it and the stripedy sox, too. You are quite the puppeteer. Did you hold the camera with one hand and the puppets with the other while you sang and fought off the local riff raff? Very impressive!!!

  10. Omg that video. Brilliant. You look great in the dress, but if you're not feeling it, then get rid of it!

  11. Seeeexy voice! I wanna know what you learnt!
    "She's a contrapuntal woman....doo..doo..doo..doo..doo..doo..dooo"! Now you've got ME singing it! And I don't even know the words :-D

  12. Just adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. That vid is fab, what a start to my week.
    I'm not a fan of 1950s frocks either, as soon as I try one I feel submissive and dowdy and sensible. Getting sloshed on cocktails during the day is far more me, at least I won't flash my pants when i fall off the bar stool. xxx

  14. I can see the clip now - it's great! It's a crazy world indeed. Please do more singing, and more films! xxx

  15. I think the problem with that dress is that the neckline is too boring on you. On someone who rocks a more classic look it would work, but on you it needs something else. An Elizabethan style ruff perhaps, in an 80s electric blue. I love the pink crinoline peeking out and the matchy stripes on your tights and shoes.

    Your video reminds me a lot of Laurie Anderson, I've been listening to her quite a bit this week.

  16. My goodness I LOVE your video!!! love it! and you have a beautiful voice too and punt really is a great word! - I like the 50's dress on you, I do like a 50's shape but if you are not feeling it.......or maybe it could be an under dress, like an underskirt!! x x x

  17. Such a sultry voice and Helga and G hand puppets, this is really cool, weird and totally sweet! I do think Helga uses some funny words I've never heard before and her and G in real life, well they are as sweet and naughty as you'd imagine!
    I think the dress is sweet on you, could that be it? I think it needs to be funked up a bit and then it will be more you!

  18. Your new haircut is looking as demure as your 50s dress, but the tutu, stockings and shoes add a little wicked witch essence to the Dorothy vibe, don't you think? Your video clip, on the other hand, takes it to a whole 'nother level. va-va-voom! Marlene Dietrich meets shadow puppets in 3D poetry. nice.

  19. "Contrapuntal!" A new word for me! How wonderful that you did something because it was fun and for the thrill of learning! It was fun for me too.

  20. I LOVE this green dress. Fits you perfectly.

  21. Oops, you've done it AGAIN!!! After my second glass of wine and a tiring week, I'll confess I can't quite zero in on the details. But I know I love the dress and don't? You look quite the trendster, but maybe your subversive-self is clamoring for attention.

    I managed to post and to give you some love. Hope you are giving yourself some too. XXXOOO

  22. Hello Melanie,

    We can see what you mean about the dress. The colour is fine, the fit is fabulous but it does make you look rather.....well.....sensible. One can imagine that after a short time of wearing said dress you will be wearing American Tan tights, sensible shoes and a pinnie. That is not how we imagine you to be.

    Indeed, having seen the Curvaceous Curtise in your brand leading publication, Vogoff, we really cannot see that this sensible 1950s number has a place in your wardrobe. No, the fabby striped tights, wacky shoes and delicious pink underskirt demand something more intriguing, beguiling or simply noticeable. We are sure that you will find it!

    As for the little film, such fun! Hand puppets next? We love punting and shall always remember a very stylish friend of ours who lost a shoe in the river whilst being punted ( is there such a verb? ). True to form, she simply threw overboard the other shoe whilst declaring that one could not do anything with one shoe! We disagree.....unmatched pairs are so intriguing!

  23. Oh, thank you - I'll be singing that song all day now! I'll try to include the laugh when it goes through my head - it's brilliant! Really, I love everything about that video!

    Your lips are contrapuntal in that first photo - is that what made you think of the word? I think the dress is adorable on you, but if you're not feeling "adorable" it's not the right thing. Is your eye okay yet? It still looks red. But you're wearing glasses and looking cool - and adorable - at the same time!!

  24. The tights! The shoes! Your first picture is inspiring me to make a paper mask of my own face and wear it around...

  25. Oh but the dress and whole ensemble is SOOOOO fun!!!!! I love them, all of them- seperately and together! Ha, ha the song is brilliant- you have a nice voice!!!
    Thanks for your nice comment, ha, don't think I'm cool enough for VOGOFF!! I loved reading it though!! Great fun!!x

  26. Oooooh, my little white kitteh! So sultry and jazzy ... as cool as I've ever seen counterpoint and cartoons combined! Did I sultry? It was. You were!
    Now see here. I love that dress, on you and with the pink petticoat and and cannot get over how perfect it is with the amazing leg and foot stripes! You just look lovely, do you hear me? And do I sound like your grandma's boring best friend?

  27. I see what you mean about the dress - it's very pretty, and you look very "nice" wearing it. However, if you're not trying for pretty and nice, then it's the wrong dress.

    I love hearing you purr your way through that song - it's so much fun, and inspiring, for me to see you experiment with different creative forms. I think you should take Helga up on her offer to let you do a set with Flange!

  28. I think the dress looks wonderful on you.

  29. Personally, I think the dress looks great. I love the green fabric on you!
    Fun song and you have a lovely voice. Your posts always make me smile and cheer me up. Really good to see you are still blogging. I have been away too long missing all the fun in blog land!

  30. Very nice dress ,so girlish - I see it with white and red accesories ( pants or shoes ..?) Your look is very delicate and nice. Best :*

  31. Wow !!!! is it you or Eartha Kitt ? You have interesting vocal and very good ear fo music. Singing a'capella is not easy. You know - I'm a teacher of voice production ,I know what I write :))))
    ps. I can to do you BIG VOCAL STAR ! kisses Dear. Go and sing.

  32. It is a pity you don't like the dress ad I think it is great. Especially with the petticoat underneath it. Probably too normal to you haha. Not enough art possibilities. I thought your song was cute. Your voice is lower than I imagined.

  33. I don't care what anyone says I LURVE that dress. I would wear it every day. The pink tulle is perfect too ... I want it! M x


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