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Thursday 18 September 2014

Shopping for olives

A lemon-ice-cream sparkly vintage coat featuring zigzags, bracelet-length sleeves, and soft yellow silky lining. The gold threads are from the lurex family, I believe. Dreamy. The buttons are for show (the missing one is in my pocket); the coat fastens with four small snaps at the top so that the front flaps open once in a while after you've gathered speed. 

Clearly the coat was the star of my outfit today, although my stretchy tuxedo pants and granny shoes held their own fairly well, as did my toolbox hand bag. I felt like I was in a '60s film in the role of a plucky, restless housewife going shopping for olives and gherkins and new white evening gloves, which added peek-a-boo ability and buoyancy to my step under a dark sky. I borrowed the inflated turnip head from a sketch I posted previously, here

This coat illustrates how easy it is to sproing up a basic T-shirt, stretchy pants, and brown orthopedic-looking shoes. But then you already know how these things work. 

I'm waiting to see the results of the Scotland independence voting which closed today. The situation brings back memories of independence referenda in the Province of Quebec. 


  1. You never disapoint, my dearest friend, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. Gorgeous coat, love the lemony goodness. Scotland is staying, I am relieved - even though I am an independent-minded woman, there are benefits to being on a team. xox

  3. Rly cute coat! Scotland is in for now. There was lots of interest over here about it among my friends. We have a similar debate with the US and Puerto Rico every few years. We are so intertwined now it would be hard to separate,

  4. What a fabulous coat, great colour. I like the thought of you getting your speed up and the press studs opening under the g-force!
    Yes, Scotland is staying. I actually thought the Yes vote might grab the win (I would have voted for independence if I lived in Scotland) but it was not to be. They're getting more devolved powers though, which might be some consolation to the Yes campaigners. xxx

  5. And that will be the most savory snack tray on the block! Perfect balance of meringue and merengue, all that tart lemon lightning.

    P.S. the latest VOGOFF knocked me right over, and you are always ultra-fabulous!

  6. Ah, well, now the Scottish results are in, and things can calm down a bit. Hopefully.

    Your lemon-ice-cream coat is stunningly gorgeous and sweet and cool, just like its namesake. You *should* wear gloves with it, so you don't get any germs in the market while you're buying olives and gherkins. Perhaps a jerkin, too. I love the thought of a lurex family of threads, and also the picture of you gathering speed. Sounds like an image in want of a video!

  7. How wonderful to have interchangeable heads. I think you are really on to something. Oh this lemony coat is so yummy!

  8. Oooh, this is a Sue coat! I love everything about it! This will be the season of the coat for me, for just the reasons you explain. It's so easy to get lost in winter blah, but a gorgeous coat like this will be the perfect remedy for the blahs and the blues.

  9. I love your coat. I am a colourful coat lover myself: fuchsia, orange, yellow, red/black, purple and yes also black ones. But nothing as shiny and golden as this gorgeous one.
    Love your interchangeable head.
    PS trying to find time to consume the latest Vogoff... ahh so much to do and so little time to do it in.

  10. Oh to have a spare head and a coat as wonderful as this.

  11. I can't think of anything better to buy olives in, it's a gorgeous coat, lurex is a word I love and I love what it does, shimmer-y loveliness x x x

  12. Yum. Lemony lurex. I feel positively satiated. It's such a lovely nod to 60's elegance but with none of the stuffiness. I've been thinking a lot about having a handful of "basics", and then totally giving them personality with accessories. I want to streamline. Haha. We'll see.

    Lovely you!!!!!

  13. I LOVE that outfit. So easy and glamorous. I have noticed that to make a fashionable outfit requires at least three items of clothing. Maybe in December I can try something like that.

  14. I luv your headwear. Is that a new line?
    Snickering lemon lurex lady look like long lean slacks queen.

  15. Lemon is one of my favourite flavours and that coat is a perfect mix of tart and sweet! Yellow suits you whereas if it's near my face it makes me look rather ill. The shape is perfect and it would make everything you wear under it feel special.

    I would like to have a couple of extra heads that I could switch up if I feel the need. Perhaps you could expand your line and market them?

  16. Love yellow!
    Love that we are still a United Kingdom!

  17. Good heavens yes to that jacket!! Mmm!!

  18. And the results were the same with Quebec and Scotland. Really I don't know why they are so keen on getting away from the hand that feeds them most. I lived in Quebec City during that time. It was hell for an Anglo.

    You really do look so mod here. Agent 99's doppleganger.



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