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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Freakish Yellow Skirt Update!! and more...

Water over sand, glitter 
in the sun
Tinkling playing
Sure, light wave tracing s t e p s
the Freakish YeLLow Thing breathes a sigh of relief
s t r e t c h i n g   from her flight
catching fresh wind
quiet in her two-hander with

C a r o l y n  of 

R e l a x e d
zesty citrus calmed with cream
top from her hand
G O!   G O   N O W
       Before she slips away...

Thank you, Carolyn, for this Freakish Yellow Skirt interlude. It's been a while since we've seen this joyful yellow garment. Your personal styling with your hand-made top is soothing and steady, a perfect addition to the FYS styling community.The yellow skirt will probably be coming home soon so these last few updates are extra special.

And other news...

I'm linking this up to both Hat Attack 14 with Judith at Style Crone (she's in the latest issue of VOGOFF) and Share-in-Style: Sailor with Sacramento at Mis Papelicos. Thank you both for snapping me into action. You can't see well what I'm wearing but I have on my humongous black linen palazzo pants, striped top, and black jacket, all thrifted. This is my beret's third time in Hat Attack - I love it so much I can't help sharing it over and over. The stripes, hat, and swabby-style pants are my attempt at nautical. Also, new haircut alert. 

Below you'll see that I've had an eye mishap. You should see the other guy! That explains the glasses. The doc says it is a bruise and will disappear in two weeks, one more to go, and now there is a lovely shade of yellow/green setting in. At least there's no pain. I had to greyscale the photo, the way Scorsese had to tone down the red in the scenes of carnage in Taxi Driver to appease the censors. 

And, yesterday it was raining and sunny at the same time and O cleverly thought to look for a rainbow. This is what he found. I noticed that the bank seemed to be sneakily sucking the pot of gold into its building directly. (The stylized red "S" is the logo of Scotiabank, one Canada's behemoth banks.) I know there are lots of dirty deals in banking, but really, grabbing from heaven and fairy tales too? What's next?!

And in case you missed it, the latest VOGOFF magazine, with Curtise of The Secondhand Years on the cover, is out. Don't miss it. There are some amazing women inside, and one man. Click the cover below to see it.

That's all. I've started making my way around again. Heh. Regular programming, if you can call it that, has resumed.


  1. How in the heck did you do that to your eye? It kind of goes with today's bee sting on my blog.
    Love your very studious look on the park bench!

    1. I was wearing a pendant and tugging a sweater on over top of it. The pendant got tangled in the fabric, I tugged harder, and the pendant unwound and catapulted into my eye. OW! I didn't even know I looked hideous until someone pointed it out for me later.

    2. Ouch! hope it heals soon.

  2. I love your outfit- gorgeous chic look- I was half-inclined to add one of my red berets to my sailor look yesterday but in the end, I ran out the house in too much of a hurry- pity, I'm always up for a bit of beret action!
    Ooh, what is VOGOFF? xx

  3. ha ha! That shot of the bank stealing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is classic. Just classic.

    Love the outfit...berets are always in style. Sorry for the sore eye. It really looks brutal.


  4. Well you have been such a busy girl that it is no wonder that your eyeballs are popping out of your head! I hope you feel better soon. Meanwhile you are looking quite chic. Allons berets toujours!!!! That piggy bank!

  5. You look so cool in glasses - you should wear them more often. But you should not turn your eye into an eyesore (hee hee)! I'm glad it doesn't hurt you. Make use of it to scare the children while you can!

  6. Ouch! Your eye trumps my toe Mel! Hope it heels quickly!

    It was so cool to see Carolyn wearing the yellow skirt. I had been thinking about it recently, wondering where it was at, and did not expect to see it pop up on a sewing blog! Fabulousness!

    Speaking of fabulousness, stepped out of your atelier onto the left bank? Oh, you look ever so chic with the je ne sais quois of a Parisienne!

    Okay, off I go to invest heavily in Scotiabank shares...

  7. Ouch! Now that's a wardrobe malfunction if ever there was one. Lovely outfit today, you look so serene.

  8. Another Hat Attack (not to mention a pendant attack!)! Must get out a chapeau.

    Funny how our wardrobes can be damaging to ourselves - I had a skirt today chew up the backs of my knees.

    You look stunning in your ensemble. Ravishement!

  9. Your poor eye. Your evil pendant. If its any consolation the injury makes you look like the kind of baddie I should be high kicking in my safari suit. xxx

  10. Weird, I've been just rereading a great webcomic called Dicebox, and one of the main characters has a similar thing happen to her eye. Oddly, she sort of looks a bit like you, at least she's tall and thin and has short white-blonde hair! Also she's occasionally prone to wearing some eye-catching clothes -- she has an amazing frock coat I can totally see you in! I'm just at this page near the end (well, not the end, the story is still ongoing) -- these trousers look like something you might wear too:

    1. That IS weird. I checked out the comic and, yes, the trousers are something I would love to wear. The world is a freaky place.

  11. Oh the eye!! How artistic to grey it, because Taxi Driver nearly did me in. Hope you're cleared for flight very soon. Love the beret, and the voluminous black. I've been craving oversized black linen lately, and you inspire. xox

  12. You look quite mysterious today, eye mishap included. Your new hair cut is fabulous! Share your beret as many times as you would like on Hat Attack. It's always a hit with me!

  13. You look like a character in a film, waiting at a bus stop or a train station - perhaps a double agent, waiting for your next assignment? Hope the eye is better soon - self-injuries like that are both embarrassing and annoying. I cut the cornea of my eye many years ago with my fingernail and had to wear an eye patch for a couple of days. I like the glasses on you!

  14. dear lady, wish you get well soon (at least it doesn't hurt!)
    and love to see you wearing your beret and sharing a sailor moment!!, and reporting another bank stealing the money even from our fairy tales!, wouu!!
    besos & salud

  15. So a rogue piece of jewellery is to blame for your poor eye? I was worried it was the strain of poring over your computer screen editing Vogoff, and was about to feel suitable guilty... Looks sore, though I am glad to hear that it actually isn't painful. You look most elegant, and a little mysterious, in your black ensemble with added stripes and bruising - a glamorous Bond villainess, maybe?
    PS. I wondered what had happened to the TYS - it's still going, how incredible!
    PPS. Every time I see that photo of myself, I have a little chuckle; I look SO cross, and more than a little accusatory. It's a " what the fuck are you looking at?" face! xxxx

  16. That looks bloody painful!

    LOVE the magazine cover with Curtise on the front x

  17. It will go away, I promise (I work for eye doctors). And NEVER explain glasses. They rock, and you look beautiful in them.

  18. I'm almost ready to discuss Nietzsche when I look at your outfit. (I'll have to cram.) I love it SO much!! I'm also enamored with the Pot O' Gold guys should get an award AND a pot o' gold. The Yellow Skirt continues it's magic journey, spreading love around the globe. Is Miz Bagg jealous?! Nah, she's relaxing in Marrakesh. The Moroccan hammams are so rejuvenating.


  19. (I think my comment disappeared, so take 2...
    You are so cool in your delightfully chic and sophisticated outfit... I LOVE the wide legged pants to bits!
    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog and of course for the travelling skirt show, it was so much fun and I'm thrilled to be part of lucky few in the sisterhood. Thank you so much!
    I hope your eye recovers soon :)

  20. What a breath of fresh sea air Carolyn's styling of the TYFS is: all that billowing yellowness against sea and sky.
    Blimey, hope the eye bruising heals fast. Ouch and ouch.
    Humongous black linen palazzo pants, ach I so want some like yours. Think I may have to make a pair in order to get them long enough.
    And that rainbow image: not only the best thing I've seen in days, I think you should have it made into a postcard. It's splutter-laugh brilliant.

  21. Oh man hope that eye heals fast! Loving your glasses and that rainbow straight to the bank bwahahahahaha! So happy to see the yellow skirt update!

  22. Oh Melanie, even in b&w that eye look gruesome! I'm glad it doesn't actually come with pain. You look very artsy-chic sitting on the bench in your beret and long black outfit. I am fascinated by how you manage to be so tiny and yet so large. I think I am the opposite-lol!

    I am taking repeat looks at the VoGoff issue as it is so delightful and awe inspiring and amazing and wonderful. I will need more coffee if I am going to come up with any more adjectives. How impressive it is, what creativity thrives in the women of my internet world. I am the type who would have great difficulty mingling with an actual creative community. I stay home. But online I can do that a bit and it's just perfect for me!

  23. Oh I loved this month's vogoff isuee! absolute blast!
    you also look charming.

  24. Ouch ... glad your eye is getting better.


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