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Monday 22 September 2014

Borrow the Turnip Head!

If you need a Spare Head,
........................LOOK NO MORE!..................... 
[Edit: New larger Turnip Head offered as well]

If your own head has gone on holiday, leaving your outfit photo in the lurch, your troubles are over!
Turnip Head will be happy to perform your noggin' duties.

Save your choice of image below to your desktop and slap it on your body. eeeasy. The image is png format with a transparent background so it can be integrated into your photo with minimal photo editing. Resize as needed. The small size is, well, small, and LARGE size is, um...
small size
obviously, large size

The head is rather sketchy, but if you require a spare head, no doubt you are also rather sketchy, my friend. Turnip Head may not perform as well as your normal head, but at least she's got ATTITUDE

Please kindly include a credit for Turnip Head with a link/mention, for example, "Spare head courtesy of Melanie at Bag and a Beret." It's much easier to send my heads around the world than clothing. 

If you use Turnip Head, send me an email with the link and I shall list it on this page.
Good luck. Happy head hunting!
  1. Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Turnip Tete Cecile of Greenwich Village 
  2. Greetje at No Fear of Fashion, Black Linen Dress with Booties
  3. ArgentGal at Whimsy on a Whim, Zombie Turnip Head Wants to Eat Your Brains!
  4. Pao at Project Minima, David Bowie: Fashion Icon, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art
  5. Aya of Couturgatory wore the Turnip Head in her Twitter photo
  6. Shelley of Forest City Fashionista
This image, based on a work by Banksy, the British grafitti artist, was sent to me by TT, the same man whose comment sparked the Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show. This was in fact the first Turnip Head submission I received.

How to:
I just discovered that Pic Monkey has an overlay feature AND there is a tutorial on how to do it HERE. How easy is that?!! I haven't tried it, but I bet you will get great results. Good luck!


  1. Hee, what fun! I shall have to try my hand at Turnip Head.

  2. Wheee! I'm planning my outfit already.

  3. Ms Turnip Head will take over the world! I love playing around with that overlay function on PicMonkey, hours can easily be lost... xxx

  4. Thank you, thank you!! I have always coveted turnip head. xox

  5. Gad Zooks! Shall we coordinate a day when Turnip Heads Unite over the blogosphere? I would gladly replace mine with Turnip Head everyday. more or less.

  6. I may need to borrow this turnip head for realzzz

  7. Great idea! How many places will Ms Turnip Head turn up (ha ha)?

  8. Hee hee. Too fun!


  9. You make it sounds so easy! I might even be able to figure out the Picmonkey thingy.

    Thank you for sharing your head. It will come in handy on bad hair days.

  10. Oh my goodness! you are brilliant! I'd love Ms Turnip head to visit x x x

  11. Hahaha. Turnip Head is really cool with the sunglasses on!
    What a great idea. You have a real talent for cartoon drawing. I love your collection of spare heads on your other posts too!


  12. You may be on to something here. Handy for preserving my secret identity...

  13. I love the overlay function - I haven't bought a greetings card in the three years I've been using it.
    Melanie's head, the yellow skirt and Vog-Off - world domination is coming! x

  14. I just downloaded your heads !! I will incorporate one in my next post.
    And I had a look at Patti with her turnip head haha.

  15. Yes, I think Pao is on to something. Turnip heads unite!! We need to pick a specific date for this I think. We'll get global recognition!

  16. haha! charming pic of you! the mood (as I feel it) is totally captured!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  17. Thanks so much for creating this - I will be replacing my head with this one in a blog post soon. Wouldn't it be fun to print out a whole bunch of these, life size, mount them onto rulers or other handles and get a bunch of us together all holding them up to our faces - it would be Pao's Turnip Heads Unite!

  18. I piked turnip head to tweet a bad selfie in the jacket I adore. (


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