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Thursday 25 September 2014

Freakish Yellow Skirt Update!!

in a freakish yellow skirt built for FIVE
peddling the JOY of freakishness for ALL
for free, for freedom to be
heeled on pedals
NOT to Heel! To h e a l.
fly-rider on blazing trail
it's the ONE and only

Charlie of

letting loose
petals  f l y
the skirt is travelling on show
G O ! !   G O  N O W ! ! !

The skirt is travelling for real. I don't know how she managed it, but Charlie has put FYS on wheels, not an E1, it's a FYS1. Have a look - you won't be disappointed. Another stunning take on this unusual piece of fabric that creates a flap wherever she goes (in a good way).


  1. Charlie made the skirt *fly*. She is awesome. I used the Turnip Head today on my blog - I gave her a new name but made sure everyone knows where she came from : > xo

  2. Totally cool - bikes, petticoat, and yellow flowers!

  3. Thanks so much!!!! This was one of my best days ever. The skirt makes you feel magnificent! Thank you for introducing this amazing beast into so many people's lives. Xxxxxxxxxx


  4. woo-hoo, a new bloggess to meet and greet into the sisterhood.

  5. This skirt is certainly well-travelled. I love all the photos, but particularly like Curtise's glow! :)

  6. Paid a visit. Wonderful styling again.

  7. Viva La Yellow Skirt! wonderful photo's of the Mighty Legend worn by awesome Charlie, brilliant! x x x


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